TuiNa, Massage, Body Treatments, and Infrared Sauna

Ranging from light to deep body massages. A full consultation, including medical history, is taken before your first treatment, to make sure you have chosen the best treatment for your condition. 

Just a few of our body services:

  • TuiNa
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Treatments
  • Poultice Massage
  • Body Salt Scrub
  • Rahanni Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Infrared Sauna


A strong and forceful medical massage. The client will remain fully clothed and covered with a towel or thin sheet, whilst a number of techniques such as hand rolling and pressure on the joints are used to relieve muscle tension and injury. Treatment can be used to help in balancing and relaxing the body, as well as helping acute and chronic symptoms of stress.

Aromatherapy back or full body massage

Using oils specifically for you to help relax, energise, purify or slim.

Hot Stone massage

The hot basalt stones will warm the body and the cool marble stones balance in these deeply relaxing therapeutic treatments. These treatments will relieve any stress, aches and pains from your body and will make you feel more refreshed.

Herbal PoulticeTreatments

These treatments use hot medicinal poultices, acupressure, oils and gentle stretching to  relax, enegrise, revitalise and releive tension in the body.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is the art of laying on stones in coordination with the body’s energy field, energy centers and energy pathways. These are also known as the aura, charkas and meridians.

Rahanni Healing

Rahanni helps balance the masculine and feminine aspects of every man, woman and child.

It is possible to release our fears and any negative energy that we accumulate from our experiences on this earth.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing involves the channeling of energy from a spiritual source to someone who needs it. The channel is usually a person, a healer, and the energy is transferred through that person’s hands.

Infrared Sauna

*There are many health and beauty benefits including:-

* Detoxification through the skin taking overload off the liver and kidneys.
* Pain relief as heat penetrating 2”, increased circulation to the muscles and joints.
* Boosts immunity by strengthening the immune system and shortening recovery time of colds and flu.
* Weight loss by increasing heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate…30 minutes burns up 300 calories.
* Improves skin tone and elasticity by clearing away impurities and dead skin cells.
* Clears cellulite through sweating and detoxification.

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You can, of course, also purchase all our treatments as gift vouchers.

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