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Ashley will be in London on Monday each week.

The following treatments are available


Dr. Hauschka Treatments

All the Dr. Hauschka treatments start off with a sage foot bath, except the hand treatment which starts with a hand soak.


Dr. Hauschka  Classic Treatment                      £135

Enjoy a special kind of mini-break. This 2 hour treatment includes feet, arm and hand massages. Fragrant compresses are used to prepare the skin for the cleansing care that the Dr. Hauschka skin care brings you. Cleansing and nourishing masks which rejuvenate and revive the skin are applied. A lymph stimulation face massage using fine brushes unblocks, purifies and strengthens your face, leaving you feeling cleansed and filled with a sense of happiness, lightness and inner balance.


Dr. Hauschka Firming Treatment                          £145

Complement the Classic Treatment with smoothing, firming care for the eye and neck areas.


Dr. Hauschka “1 Hour for Myself”                         £60

The specially customised facial treatment is perfect for when needs are great but time is scarce.


Dr. Hauschka Back Cleansing                                £45

During this treatment, the skin on your back receives precisely the attention it needs. Deep cleansing and targeted care leave your back so revived and soft you will want to show it off!


Dr. Hauschka Body Treatment                               £90

Enjoy a deep sense of relaxation with the flowing movements of this massage, which works in harmony with the rhythm of your breathing. Make this a conscious experience filled with vitality. Rediscover yourself with this treatment and feel great from your head to your toes.


Dr. Hauschka Back Treatment                               £35

Our backs are often filled with stress and tension. This treatment, with the rhythmical massage movements’, lets you breathe freely once more. A fabulous add on to the Classic Treatment.


Dr. Hauschka Hand Treatment or Dr. Hauschka Foot Treatment     £40

The perfect solution for reviving and rewarding tired and stressed hands or tired aching feet; relaxation and care in one.


Reflexology                                   1st consultation £60   follow ups £50

Reflexology uses reflex points in the feet to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability, to over-come ailments and enhance quality of life. Bayley, Chi, Universal Technique or Prescision reflexology may be used.


TuiNa                                              £50 hour, £30 half hour

A strong and forceful medical massage widely used in China. The patient remains fully clothed and is covered by a thin sheet, whilst special techniques are applied to the body to relieve muscle tension, and soothe injury. Treatments can be used to help in balancing and relaxing the body, as well as helping acute and chronic symptoms of stress and pain. TuiNa also helps with mobility after operations and  injury or those with sedate lifestyle.


Oncology Massage                         £50 hour,  £30 half hour

A relaxing and gentle therapeutic body massage, specifically designed for cancer clients. It is recognized by the NHS and approved by Macmillan Cancer Support.


Rahanni Celestial Healing                £30

Rahanni is a gentle, yet effective therapy that heals deeply at heart level. It vibrates on a much higher level than any other healing modality.  The client can either sit or lay down fully clothed to receive healing.


Western Herbal Medicine                  ​1st consultation £60, follow up £30

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known. It uses the whole plant which contains hundreds of active constituents with fewer side effects than orthodox medicine. It helps to cure the symptoms of illness and also improves the general health and vitality.  A full consultation is taken lasting up to an hour. Where we can discuss your needs i.e. lifestyle and diet. Many ailments can be treated, usually with a minimum of 2 repeat visits.

100ml Medicine (approx. 1 week supply)        £10



Dr. Hauschka products may be available to purchase. If there are any items that you know you will need, call me before Monday, and I will make sure I can bring them to the clinic with me for collection.








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